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Henry Barclay Swete; photograph by J. Palmer Clark Cambridge


Henry Barclay Swete, photograph by Palmer   Photograph by J. Palmer, Cambridge

This photograph is published in The Expository Times X (1899), as frontispiece, upposide of page 1.
In the same volume we find one of the first biographies of Swete, written by J.H. Srawley (The Expository Times X (1899, pp.536-539) .

It is also Srawley that wrote the lemma 'Henry Barclay Swete in the Dictionary of National Biography 1912-1921 pp. 520-522.

The photographic studio of J. Palmer Clarke, situated in Post Office Terrace, Cambridge, was in business from the 1890s to the 1930s. The studio had been home to a number of photographers from the 1860s before J. Palmer Clarke took over the premises, and would continue to be used by his successors until the 1980s. During this time tens of thousands of people visited the studio to have their photographs taken. These negatives have, for the most part, survived and are held in the Cambridgeshire Collection, the Local Studies Department of Cambridge Central Library. read more (external link>