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Schleusner's Thesaurus (ⅬⅩⅩ)

Requests and Replies in
The Expository Times 5 (1894) 539



What Lexicon is there on the Septuagint? – F. D. T.

Swete's reply:

The only serviceable lexicons for the Greek Old Testament are still, so far as I know, Schleusner's Thesaurus (Lips. 1820-21) and Wahl's Clavis (Lips. 1853), the latter limited to the “apocryphal” books. But neither of these works is up to date, and until some Old Testament Grimm-Thayer comes to his aid, the student of the Greek versions will be under necessity of supplying the defects of his lexicon by a diligent use of Mr. Redpath's great Concordance. An interleaved Schleusner, supplemented and corrected by personal study, might form a useful basis for a new lexicon. The time has now almost come for an attempt on the part of some scholar or band of scholars to provide a satisfactory lexicon and grammar for the ⅬⅩⅩ., based upon the great uncial MSS. which are now within our reach.